Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

Dear Nola, 

You can not be 8 months old already. It's bittersweet because of course I want you to grow up healthy and strong, but I also want you to stay little for just a little longer. 8 months seems so much older and I can't believe how quickly time is passing by. I guess that will be a reoccurring theme of our lives from here on out. 

It seems as if you've done a lot this month. You've gone from barely sitting up on your own to crawling, exploring, standing up and trying new foods. You're quite advanced and adventurous, which gives your mom a small heart attack almost daily. Gone are the days where I can sit you on the bed and get ready for work in the mornings. You get bored quickly and are on the move before I know it (as seen in the photo series below). 

Though you have an abundance of toys to play with, you gravitate toward the coffee table with hard wood edges and the fireplace made of brick. Daddy is worried you'll date a dangerous guy on a motorcycle one day. I say please don't. 

You did get your first tooth this month and that was very exciting. It's a sharp little thing on your bottom gums, just left of center. You did pretty well with that - only one night where you fought sleep. You really are such a good baby. I thank God every day for you (and also that you like to sleep at night).

We had the opportunity to have a wonderful weekend getaway at Big Cedar in Missouri. Dell and I usually take at least one trip a year and you've pretty much consumed 2013 for us. So, this was a last minute trip with just the three of us and it was fabulous. We went swimming, played mini golf and shuffleboard, cooked in our cabin, ate a delicious brunch, napped, went shopping, watched fireworks and floated in the lazy river. I wish I had a picture of this because you were in your own little turtle floaty and just held your head up like you owned the place. It was pretty cute and I look forward to more family trips in the future. 

Thank you for another month of memories and love. You are such a special little girl and we love you so much. 

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