Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25, 2012

We went to the doctor last week and had a great appointment. Little Nola is looking good. She is measuring about a week ahead and weighs about 1lb 5 oz. Her heart rate is 157 bpm and everything looks great. We were able to see her little spine, but she had the umbilical cord in front of her face, so we couldn't get a good picture on the 4D. We did get a nice picture of her little mouth and nose. After I saw that, I couldn't hear anything else the doctor said. She has her daddy's lips! It is so fun getting to see her every month and I'm grateful for every ultrasound. Next month, we'll do the glucose test, so that should be fun.

She has also been moving around like crazy lately. Sometimes I am just wondering what she's up to in there because it feels like a dance party. It's really fun experiencing that and letting other people feel her too. 

We are building a house and we went over this week to write scriptures on the walls before they do the insulation and drywall. In her nursery, we wrote this on the wall "For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him." - 1 Samuel 1:27. I can't wait to get settled in and get her room all set up. Until then, I'm dreaming of her little face ... and that glider I want to put in her room.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12, 2012

I thought it would be fun to share some of the cute things we've received for our baby girl. We are so blessed with an amazing family and group of friends. We tell baby Nola all the time that she is loved by so many - she has no idea!

This custom set came all the way from Colorado. Thanks Tracey! We love this and can't wait to see her in those little footies. (apologies for the sideways photos)

My mom made her these little headbands. They are so soft and cute!

These tiny shoes came from Dee and my mom. I realize they aren't practical, but who cares? They are perfect!

This is a newborn sleeper with a bee on the bottom. I can't wait to snuggle with her in this!

I can't forget her very first dress thanks to aunt Starr and these cute leggings Dell and I picked out.

This is probably Dell's favorite purchase - a Thundercats onesie. He says she'll be the coolest kid on the block with this.

Of course she'll be ready to Thunder up from birth to at least 9 months of age with these adorable onesies               from Dell and Chris. We plan to get a blue tutu she can wear with each one.

September 10, 2012

I fought through the cough without any medication, but now these allergies are kicking my butt! In general, I really can’t complain about pregnancy because it’s been pretty easy on me. I have the normal symptoms and can deal with those. You know, the back pain, sleepless nights, congestion, dizziness, swollen ankles (that one just started last week), extreme hunger, feeling like you can’t breathe, total exhaustion, etc. But, the allergies I’ve experienced the past few days are ridiculous. I’m constantly sneezing and can’t breathe at all through my nose. This makes for terrible quality or quantity of sleep at night (and probably makes me a bit cranky too). I’ve said no to Tylenol, caffeine and anything else I can avoid. But I might have to break down and get some Claritin D for this symptom. It’s no fun!

On a lighter note, Nola has been moving around like crazy lately. She’s so active at night and in the mornings. I love feeling her wiggle around in there and am enjoying this time we have, just the two of us. I pray she is growing healthy and strong like she’s supposed to and that I’m a good hostess for her for the next 18ish weeks. I’m looking forward to our doctor’s appointment next week and to making it to 24 weeks. 

August 21, 2012

We went to the doctor today. I am now almost halfway there. I’m about 19 weeks and can’t believe it. We got to see her little profile, but she had her hand in front of her face. As hard as the doctor tried to get her to move it, she was being stubborn and kept it there. Our little mango is weighing in at 10 oz. (already chunky). She must love food as much as her mama does. Her heart rate was 156 bpm and everything looks great. 

I’ve been sick this week. I have this terrible cough that won’t go away and my whole body is achy and sore. I’ve gone the entire pregnancy without taking any medication and I’d like to keep it that way. If this cough persists, that may change. 

It’s been a crazy busy week, so I’ll keep it short. But, I love appointment days. Waiting an entire month seems like an eternity, but it’s definitely something to look forward to.