Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May 11, 2012

I was supposed to start my period earlier this week, but with my irregular cycles, I just assumed I was late. I couldn’t sleep and woke up around 4:30 a.m. and decided to take a test. I only had one test left and I thought why not? When you go through infertility, it’s crazy how your mind wanders and how you think every single thing through. I thought about waiting to take the test on Sunday morning for Mother’s Day, but didn’t want the disappointment, so I decided today would be the day. I took the test, washed my hands and rinsed my face off and then checked the test.


NO WAY! I’ve seen that before, but there’s been a small, very important word in front of it every other time. NOT. Not Pregnant. Not this time. This time there was no “not.”

I freaked out and walked into the bedroom with the test in hand. I flipped the light on and with my hands shaking, I showed Dell. He was so excited and just hugged me. He said he knew I was going to take a test, but didn’t want to say anything just in case. He’s really been so great about this. I’m lucky to have him.

I waited and waited for my sister to wake up so that I could tell her. She cried and hugged me.
Now I’m exhausted and have to keep this a secret all day. I called the doctor and told them the news. I love my new doctor and the nurses there. His nurse was so excited for me and asked if I could come in that day for a blood test. I went in that morning and waited all day for the results. I knew they closed at 3 and they hadn’t called yet. I called at 2:55 and begged for my numbers. She said they are good, somewhere around 240. 

The next morning we went to the Farmer’s Market with my mom and sister. There was a little girl walking by and my mom said “That’s how your daughter is going to look Audrey.” I said, “we’ll see in 9 months.” It took her a while to figure it out. She wasn’t getting it, but when she finally did, she started crying and was so happy. 

Sunday the 13th was Mother’s Day, so we took Dell’s parents out to lunch after church. We bought his mom a card that said Grandma and she figured it out right away. So much fun!

I went back to the doctor on the 14th for additional blood work to make sure my numbers had at least doubled over the weekend. They were over 1,000, so things are looking good. 

Dell and I are going to the doctor on Monday the 21st to make sure everything looks good and possibly listen for a heartbeat. I still can’t believe it. Maybe that will make it more real.

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  1. AHHHHH!!!! It's been BLOGGED!!!! I'm still so excited for you!!! Love you AUDREY & DELL!!!!