Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 1, 2012

I can’t wait to see Dell as a dad. I know he’s ready. Here’s a story from last night just to prove it.

After work, we babysat my nephews (ages 2 and 3 ½) while my sister and her husband had a quick trip to Kansas City for their anniversary. Everything started out great. I learned that the only thing the older one had eaten that day was Cheez-It crackers. So, we decided to eat dinner together. Before dinner he was complaining his stomach hurt, but that’s not out of the norm for him. He’s very good at coming up with excuses not to eat what you want him to eat. So, I didn’t think anything of it and he ate his chicken, cheese and rice dinner. We rocked in the chair and watched his favorite shows. He fell asleep, and then woke up again. I wanted to give him his Tylenol because he had been coughing for a couple days. After a small dose, he started coughing and then throwing up. Oh no! 

As you may not be aware, your sense of smell is heightened when you are pregnant. Most of the time, this is not a good thing and last night was no exception. Gavin was sitting in the recliner throwing up all over himself and crying and I wanted so badly to hold him and help him. But, every time I got close to the chair, I would smell that horrid smell and start gagging myself. It was like my worst nightmare until Dell sprang into action to help. He told me to get away from the smell and he would take care of it. He got a towel for Gavin and comforted him so he wasn’t scared anymore. He carried him to the bathroom, covered in puke, and cleaned him up in the sink. He changed his clothes, rinsed everything off and cleaned up all the throw-up. I was not a help at all. I couldn’t go in the living room because of the smell and couldn’t stay in the bathroom with them for the same reason. I tried my best to clean up what I could and ran a bath to get Gavin all cleaned up too. 

It was late and Gavin wanted someone to lay with him upstairs, so Dell volunteered for that too. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without having Dell there to help me. It was such a mess and we were all so tired. 

I’m so glad I married this man … not because he can clean up vomit without flinching, but because he’s just a good man. And seeing him in action last night just made me so proud. I can’t wait to see him as a dad to our little girl. It’s going to be amazing.

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