Saturday, August 11, 2012

July 28, 2012

Today is the day we found out whether baby Chambers is a boy or a girl. We had a really relaxing day of just being lazy around the house. We were laying there watching television and I felt something in my stomach. I can’t say if it was a movement or just tightening, but when I put my hand near my belly button, I felt the baby more so than I ever have. I asked Dell if he wanted to feel and he did. He put his hand there, but quickly moved it because he freaked out! It was so cute to watch him and very neat to feel the baby like that.
We had a boy name we liked, but weren’t completely committed to yet. We both agreed on the girl name, but decided we better start looking at boy names just in case. I got an app and we started scrolling through the alphabet. There are so many to choose from, so it will take some time to decide. We put that task on hold and got dressed for the party.
The theme was “What will baby Chambers BEE?” and it was adorable. They did such a great job with the decorations and the theme. It was perfect. There was a cravings bar with homemade lemon sorbet, all sorts of yellow candies, delicious cupcakes, make-your-own fruit pizzas and lemonade, water or tea with the cutest straws and mason jars. Everything was just my style and I was so appreciative for the work they put into this to make it so special for us. Our friends and family visited, snacked and made their guesses for boy or girl. There were exactly 11 for boy and 11 for girl. Dell guessed boy and I guessed girl. Before we knew it, it was time to find out. We opened the adorable box and white balloons came flying out. We were confused and then saw the pink balloons buried under the white.
It’s a girl!
Dell sat quietly taking it all in. I am sure he’s a little nervous to have a girl, but I personally can’t wait to see him with her. I know he’ll be mush when he sees her and I’ll melt seeing them together. I can’t wait.
It will be an adjustment for me too. I’m not a real girlie girl. I’m not a big fan of shopping, talking on the phone or pink. I’d much rather watch a football game and eat some cheese dip. But, I look forward to finding that balance and helping her be a well-rounded human being. Dell and I talked about dressing her up in colors other than pink and using a large bow to identify her as a girl when she’s a baby. That’s more our style.
We go back to the doctor in a few weeks and I’m counting down the days to the appointment. 

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  1. So happy for you Audrey and Dell. You will be great parents. Wonderful idea for a party, it all looks perfect! Bertha