Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July 24, 2012

We went to the doctor today for the appointment to find out the sex of the baby. My appointment was at 4:30 and I got a late start leaving work. I immediately called the doctor’s office to let them know I would be late, but it went straight to voice mail. Oh no! As we were sitting in traffic, I started to worry that they would be closed by the time we got there. We weren’t moving and I realized I could not miss this appointment. My friends and family were coming over on Saturday for a gender reveal party and I needed to see the doctor in order to have something to reveal. When we finally got to the appointment at around 5pm, we saw nurses leaving in the parking lot. I checked in and they called my nurse to see if I could still see the doctor. Thankfully, they were available and accommodating. They even had to turn the ultrasound machines back on because they had shut everything down for the day. I’m so happy they made time for us.

The ultrasound was quick and immediately the doctor said he knew what we were having. My response was “yeah right.” I told him to please look again and be 100% sure before we have this party. He asked us to close our eyes and he looked again to confirm the sex. Then, he switched the machine over to 4D and we got to see the baby and all the details. It was so cool seeing the little head, arms, fingers and body. Dell was amazed. We could even see the little ears, nose and eyes. We were so happy to get that picture and we both couldn’t stop looking at it. The baby’s heart rate was 152 this week. 

The doctor asked the nurse to write down the sex of the baby for us to take with us. She wrote it on a card and taped it shut, but you could see through the card if you really tried. It was so tempting to look! We went to the gym and as soon as we got home, I pulled it out of my purse and put it in a sealed envelope. My sister and I debated looking, but Dell talked us out of it. Having all that power and still refraining felt good. I knew we were doing the right thing and it would make Saturday even more special and fun. 

Tomorrow morning, I will give the envelope to a friend and she will be the only one who knows what we’re having. She’s going to get the pink or blue balloons for the party. It will be good to hand this off and not be tempted to peek!

For those of you still reading my blog, I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record, but it’s true when I say “I still can’t believe I’m pregnant.” I tell Dell that often and I think I’m still in shock myself. I’m honestly not trying to be annoying or positive Polly, but it really is a miracle. 

I’m starting to really show and I feel like my belly is growing almost every day. While getting dressed is sometimes a challenge, I really love my new belly and love thinking about the baby. Dell and I both have the “What to Expect” app and we like reading about how the baby is changing every day and week. He’s been so supportive and involved, so that’s been really nice to have. We know the baby can hear us now and we have been talking more lately. I bought a lullaby cd to start listening to and we also plan to read to the baby so that baby Chambers will recognize our voices … and hopefully be a genius too!

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